Study the MBA in Australia at Newcastle

"We do a lot of group assignments and that helps us to interact with people from different cultures. I think that teaches you about how to work with such diverse cultures and how to manage your team. Definitely come here. It’s a beautiful city that’s peaceful. It’s a great experience."

Kanishk, From India Studying Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing

    Study Business Administration at Newcastle

This programme is designed to provide students with analytical, strategic and leadership skills and to prepare them for competitive carers in business management. With an MBA from the University of Newcastle, you could work in the corporate and public sector and will gain grounding in all the fundamental business areas.

Today’s managers must be able to operate in a theoretical framework and you will gain analytic and problem solving skills on this course which will prepare you for this, as well as for team work and management.

    Gain the right business skills

On the MBA programme at the University of Newcastle, you will learn to cope with rapid organisational and technological change, as it happens in the workplace. You will study eight core courses which include Managing under uncertainty; Globalisation; Foundation of Business Analysis; Marketing management and Planning; and Strategic Management among others.

You will also take four directed courses which you will be able to choose according to your interests or the discipline you want to specialise in. The MBA is accredited by the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) and will guarantee you many career opportunities.

    You career in Business Management

MBA programmes are recognised around the world by organisations and government agencies alike as reliable and quality programmes that truly prepare professionals for the workplace.

The MBA course is for professionals who want to further their careers and increase their skills, towards managerial roles and leadership positions in a variety of businesses and organisations.