Study Master of Educational Studies in Australia

    Study Education at the University of Newcastle

This course is for professional teachers who want to specialise and further their knowledge. The Master of Educational Studies at the University of Newcastle combines theory and practice to equip you with a postgraduate professional qualification.

Throughout the programme, you will develop an understanding of the issues which affect the learning environment, learn the pedagogy of learning and how to teach students whose first language isn’t English. You will also be able to hone your skills in mathematics, literacy and engineering.

    Become a specialised teacher

This course offers up to 17 specialisation options for students to broaden their career opportunities, including literacy education; international curriculum studies; engineering education; engaging families and communities; and education boys among others.

Courses in the Master of Educational Studies incorporate key issues and concepts required by professional educators. The program offers high quality professional development opportunities for teachers, corporate and community educators from a range of backgrounds and provides students with the flexibility to tailor their course choices to fit with their individual commitments.

    Your career in education

This programme is for educators, educational administrators, managers, policy makers and others interested or involved in learning and education. It will provide a platform to enhance and specialise your career opportunities and professional needs.

This reputable postgraduate programme will prepare you for senior roles in public or private schools, or even take you out of the classroom and into consultancy or advisory positions.